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Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have this thing with what people call "horror classics". You know like, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Thing, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, etc, (actually, since Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Thing were - respectively - a HUGE letdown - I know, I should like The Thing, but sorry, while it wasn't bad, it didn't feel that good either.) I always get to those movies with no expectation whatsoever and a slight fear that its going to suck hard.

I hope this huge sentence made sense.
Well, I've got to admit...Tenebrae...
Oh no, it was actually pretty fun. As fun as an 80's giallo movie can get, I'm pretty sure.

Directed by Dario Argento,
starring Anthony Franciosa, John Saxon and Daria Nicolodi, whoever they are.

*- or Tenebrae, depending on who you talk to, which poster or vhs copy you own, etc. But according to the movie itself, its Tenebrae. But not according to the dvd cover so, whatever.

That was a fun movie. The movie, while actually being italian, was all shot in english to increase the chances of successful international exportation. But the accents were absolutely hilarious and some actors had their voice dubbed over since they didn't talk english, which made it like watching a good Hong-Kong movie...except its set in Roma.

The film is about Peter Neal, an american writer, in Roma to promote his new book Tenebrae. He then gets involved in this murder affair where the murderer is inspired by his book and stuff, and you meet this whole cast of characters which transpire the 80's and all. Not original you'll say, but who gives a fuck, it's a giallo!! Its not supposed to be original!! So yeah, the story was rather cheap. Complex, with a lot of twists and turns, but cheap all over. Probably just an excuse to stage some of the best murder sequences I've ever seen on screen, and show some amazing camera sequences too. Both the editing and the camera work was great.

So with the murders. Nice editing, sexy gals, and blood. Personally, its all I expected and I got it. Great murder sequences, not much shown but still had a great impact.

The lighting and sets was also a big deal in this movie. A lot of white, bright lights. So when the red hits, it hits harder. A great creative choice. As I said earlier, this movie featured a lot of innovative editing, which I hope is a recurring thing in Argento's movies, because I really loved it.

The movie itself sure had some flaws, pretty big ones, but the good and the fun overshadowed the bad and the cheap. It was pretty funny sometimes too.

I mean, there's a scene where a girl is chased by this crazy-ass dog, that litteraly does backflips on walls! No kidding! What dog can jump that high? Its crazy. And then, after that crazy chase, she magically ends up at the killer's house..I mean, what are the odds?? Its not like Roma is one neighborhood big...? Anyway. Those details just made the experience better, adding a comedic level which I'm sure is not supposed to be there but that you love anyway. Like watching Hawaii Five-O, or something like it.

That's the crazy dog I'm talking about. He's like Spider-Dog for christ's sake.

And I've got to admit. I got scared twice in the movie. Which happens rarely when I'm watching an horror film. Graphic horror and gore don't scare me at all, and the only time I recall getting scared a lot was while watching [Rec°] at Fantasia this year - please, for the sake of that awesome movie, boycott the american remake.

The end twist was rather cheap and I saw it coming, but it didn't ruin anything since the last scenes were really fun to watch.

And finally. What made the movie so great : The MUSIC. WAS. AMAZING. BEYOND. WORDS.

I never like a soundtrack that much. All the music was composed by the legendary italian prog-synth-rock band Goblin, and now I understand why they rock so hard. The main theme is nothing less than the original version of the now-remixed-by-Justice song Phantom which is just amazing. The music was just so great, I can begin to explain how much I liked it. It was like old-school techno, a lot, if not only synthetizers and amazing beats. From now on, I'm just going to hunt each and every movie (Dawn of the Dead - really?!? - Suspiria, Deep Red, Phenomena - which I have right here on my pile of things to watch - and more.) they've made a soundtrack for, because it rocked hard.

Now, I just absolutely hate myself for missing the Maurizio Guarini show while he was in Montreal. Damn.

So yup, great movie, great fun. And amazing music. I want that soundtrack.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG3PAYif_Pg&feature=related just so you see what I'm talking about. Man I love this so much.

So that's it folks. I'm maybe out of my mind for loving this movie like I did, but...I did anyway.

I'm maybe going to watch the Big Lebowski today. Maybe post a review later this week....or another Argento...Phenomena maybe.


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