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Monday, October 20, 2008

flash-review #5 : A Tale of Two Sisters

I just hate when that happens. You take a movie that's well acclaimed, you rent it and after almost two hours, you're like : what the fuck did I just see...?? And not in a good way.

It also makes you feel dumb. All over the internet, everybody seems to have understood the whole thing, and actually enjoyed it. I'm sorry, this was seriously unclear. Ok, some people might say it is open to interpretation, but really, I just don't see what the fuss is about. The movie is so slow - I've got nothing against slow-paced movies, but when it gets boring... It sure wanted to set an eerie mood, but I wasn't impressed by all the J-Horror (or should I say in this case K-Horror, damn, I hate does hair) bullshit. Then the plot twist(s). Been there, seen that. Wait what? Then my brain started functioning full speed. Ah, fuck it. This movie just didn't get me to care that much. I just watched it roll down and found myself thoroughly unimpressed.
And judging by the poster, I was expecting something really nice. Korean cinema is actually so good.

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