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Thursday, November 6, 2008

flash-review #7 : The Tracey Fragments

For those who are not familiar already with the concept, the whole movie is edited in split-screens. And The Tracey Fragments is all about pushing the concept really far (as you <---- can see right here ) while telling a compelling story about teen angst and all that stuff. Basically, the movie's about this girl, Tracey Berkowitz, 15 years old, naked under a flowery shower curtain in the back of a bus, telling her story, in this very - very - unlinear way. And it's quite interesting. Overall, it made me think of a way trashier The Catcher in the Rye kind-of teen movie with an amazing - as always - performance by one of my favorites, Ellen Page. She's just great. An interesting movie, worth the watch for the curious ones out there.

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