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Friday, November 7, 2008

flash-review #8 : Pi

Pi - Darren Aronofsky is a talented filmmaker. There's no doubt about it. Actually being able to make your viewer as crazy as the character in your movie, by the end of it, is not something everything can achieve. I have a headache. Like seriously. Maybe its the fact that I'm tired as hell and that it's forty past midnight... but no, its actually the movie. Crazy sound effects - and I mean headache-inducing crazy -, heavily contrasted black and white, hard to watch, a downward spiral into obsession. Crazy shit, really. The story's hardly about 3,1416 either. If you're like a math afficionado, too bad for you. This one goes in the "really genuine cinematic experience" drawer of my brain. I'm tired. This movie was pretty good. In a really art-house, expresionnist kind of way, but I know good when I see it. I give up. Go to bed, get some rest. Or I'm going to start obsessing on Shemhamphorasch, the true name of God. Oh man. See it. But in the morning. For the sake of your brain.

Now enough with flash-reviews. A true one coming up, I promise. Probably Fincher's Zodiac or Lynch's Mulholland Dr., I don't know yet.

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